Video Gallery

Frostfell 2006 Movie (Soulstyce) (link to download -WMV format)
Drunken candycane buttkickings!
Magic Carpet Ride (Soulstyce) (link to download -WMV format)
Soul's first video.
(Soulstyce) (link to YouTube)
Soul's experience with EOF, rebuilds, friendships and (again) folks moving on.
Friendships (Soulstyce) (link to download -WMV format)
Due to the nature of the game, our friends move on. At the end of DoF, our friend and MT, Tebren, moved on to bigger and better things (Congrats on your FIFTH daughter, Teb!!). It's his voice you hear at the opening of the movie. This movie can also be considered a nice punctuation mark at the end of hours and hours and hours and hours AND hours of time spent in Fountain of Life. Walking back in there for the first time after a year, this year, came with plenty of mixed feelings.
Soul's Story (Soulstyce) (Link to download - WMV format)
How Soulstyce became a defiler.
Drunken Sol Eye Race (Wispa) (link to YouTube)
The Game? Drink a lot of booze and try to find your way to Naggy...then we decided to try to find our way back...then we decided to go again! And again! And...again! wee! *hic* (naughty hijinks ensued with drunk vision and Solsek's Eye elevators.)
A Journey of Friendship (Wispa) (link to YouTube)
Wispa made this video after many of our friends moved on to Vanguard. It was a tough time for guild and friendships alike. Took me a while to be able to watch it without getting all teary eyed and mopey!