Mikial's Entry

"Say this incantation in the morning and before bed, and remember your exercises." He was not a well known shaman by any means, but he would have to do. The skin discoloration was beginning to show despite expensive makeups, and traditional therapies were barely slowing it. Ellie was determined to beat this blight by the time her sweet Garrett returned from the siege defense. He had given her so much, he didnt deserve to have to see her like this.

She rushed home and thanked Ms Klay for watching the children. They weren't yet old enough to understand what was going on, and besides, they liked the now daily jaunts to the Klay house for toast with jumjum jelly. Picking up random toys as they walked through their well kept yard back home, Ellie went over the incantation in her head. The words were still foreign, but with the shaman's help she had become quite adept at the strange pronunciations. She tucked in the children and headed to her room for therapy. The chant was long but she managed to finish the whole thing correctly on the first try. She smiled as she went to sleep, dreaming of her valorous Garrett's return.

She awoke with a start to the terrible shriek of the town alarm. What is this? Could the goblins really have broken through the barricades??

What of her Garrett? She bounded out of bed and started yelling for the children. She grabbed her dagger and rushed out of her room. She couldnt believe her eyes. Goblins?? in the house??!!?! The children!!! She screamed for help at the top of her lungs as she begin lashing at the now charging goblins. She cut the first one down with ease, and the others began to run. Die you fiends!! She chased them out of the house with a fervor she hadn't known existed.

As she looked about, others were coming from the houses all around. How could this be?? Where was the militia??? As they neared the Klay house, she looked up just in time to be tackled by one of the largest goblins she had ever seen. It pinned her almost effortlessly to the ground as others gathered around. She struggled to get away but it was useless. One of them began casting a spell. Off me you fiends!! She tried to draw strength but it was sapped from her - replaced with confusion. She recognized the one above her... it was not a goblin at all, but Mr Klay?? ... "By the Unnamed One Ellie, what have you done??"