Guild Events

Every so often, the natives get shifty.

I'm a bit stumped, currently, how to organize this page, as some events have a bunch of screenies & others none due to our site going through the blender about a year or so back. So expect a mix of writeups and links!

Antonican Iditarod: Dogsled Races in July

Thundering Steppes Easter Egg Hunt

Wispa organized a great Easter event with players as "eggs." We hid in various places around Thundering Steppes, and she stood at the dock with a set of clues. Each "Egg" had their own clue to recite to the player that found them & an egg to hand them. Whoever returned to the docks with the right amount of eggs first, won!

She had us hidden near Varsoon, by Windfeather, out by Coldwind Point, in Thundermist Village.

It was a public event and open to anyone in the zone who cared to participate. What we didn't, perhaps, count on, was Doomsquall and Windfeather popping right over hidden Eggs' heads!

Casualties mopped up, we still had a few lucky winners who recieved rare furniture items and other goodies.

Drunken Sol Eye Race

(blog write up posted until I can get a real post here. Wispa also made a video.)

Holy Might Late Night Pub Crawl

Rebel decided one night that we should get our Alcohol Tolerance up. After all, his drunken ventrilo exploits were near legendary in Holy Might history (sometimes resulting in mute!) and the rest of us lightweights were not keeping up!

We put on our finest gowns and suits and hit every bar in Qeynos, blurrily staggering from one zone to the next, into houses and out again, into two (two!) pubs in Qeynos Harbor.

I woke up in an alt's house, wondering how I'd got there. I think Rebel may have passed out in some random person's house, probably naked. Audra, Wispa, Wispa's husband Killstof and I think Gudrun were our other victims in the pub crawl. No one speaks of the hangovers.

(more here)

The Holy Might Murders...

More Wispa fun!

WARNING: Please be advised!

It has come to our attention that there is a killer in the guild. We are unsure as to whom this person is at this time.

Please stay on your guard. You never know who could be next.

From here sprang the Holy Might Murder Mysteries.
Randomly, at any time of day or night, someone would say in guild chat "I've been killed!" Then give a description of their death.

"We have had our first victim. Poor Hate was minding his own business shopping at the East Freeport Broker when someone came up behind him - hit him over the head then pushed him into the water- where he drowned..."

"It appears that after raids last night Audra decided to head over to the Sinking Sands to do some harvesting. At some point she was heading into the Croc caves when there was a cave-in that buried her alive. After a thorough search of the area we believe it was not an accident. Someone set a trap for her. Luckily she was completely buried so the Crocs did not get to her just the worms.. "

"We have had another murder. Poor falada was on the Sinking Sands docks checking her mail when someone stabed her from behind then shoved her off the docks into the water. Where she was eaten by sharks. "

Mikial has accused Reka as the killer.

Reca has proclaimed her innocence in this statement-
" I am innocent - I was no where near SS when the murder took place- I was in freeport in my inn room.." /sad puppy eyes " you have to believe me"

Mikial has called for a burning at the stake of the accused, Reka

(who doesn't see the next murder victim coming, here? lol)

"Poor Mikial has been murdered. He was on his way to raids just about to hope onto the cloud when all of a sudden he was pushed to his death..."

I think the culprit ended up being Reka... but I can't quite remember who it was that shoved Mik off the cloud. Hm, perhaps the killer is still at large!

Christmas Bash 2005

Christmas Trivia Giveaway 2005

This particular tradition was started in honor of players on Highkeep who, for the game's first Christmas, organized a trivia giveaway outside South Qeynos. This was a blast, and as it was one of the first "events" I ever experienced in the game, I thought it'd be fun to repeat it.

A list was made of various Christmas related trivia - movies, events, etc. and we parked ourselves at Coldwind Point. The event was advertised in shout and /ooc both in the zone and in level chat, and everyone was welcome. Various guildmembers got together to give away crafted furniture, armor, pets and other fun toys for the fastest to answer each question.

Christmas Bash 2006

I decorated up a Kelethin alt's apartment & we had a blast drinking, dueling and falling into various fireplaces.

Soul's video here (wmv file). Luckily he made one, because I have no idea where the other screenies are stashed at the moment. Check out the home-made Christmas tree!

We wrapped this up by heading to the Forest Ruins in Qeynos for a game of Hide & Seek. Always fun & every time we play, people get sneakier about hiding spots.

Christmas Trivia Giveaway 2006

This giveaway was not as successful as the previous. There was a remarkable lack of traffic on the server & with EoF's release, newbies were scattered between starting cities and Kelethin. Wispa, Audra and I ran around and hunted folks down, pestered them with trivia.

Those who played along won some nifty prizes, those who didn't got our best wishes for the Holidays.

Somehow, at some point, Wispa and I ended up on the Butcherblock to Nektulos Boat, giving instructions for safety and boat travel. This was completely goony, but a total blast & great fun when folks would play along.

Halloween Party 2007

2007 Christmas party started out with a costume party & ended by going off guessed it... play Hide & Seek (let's just assume this is a staple of parties from this point on).

This time in the Graveyard, then the Peat Bog on the Goody Two Shoes side.

Shuu goes green for the occasion.
Valltor does his
I came as Fu Manchu.
People were tricky about hiding spots.

In the peat bog, we all ran off to hide, then realized 3 of us had piled on top of each other. I was the houseplant underwater in the foreground. Soul is hiding under me.

More Costumes.
More shrimpheads, a droag and hamburgler brigand
Audra came as an annoying noob, pestering for gold handouts.
Cipriana, missing Batman & Robin

Helluva parry, here:

2008 Events
Timorous Deep Relay Race
The Qeynos Cheese Caper