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June 19, 2012
Updated by Ninibi

Summer's here, we need a few more for the raid force! Currently working on level 92 zones, so raiders must be 92.
Raids are Tues, Thurs, Friday from 6:50 P.M. PST to 10 PST (First Call), 11 PST (Last Call).

We're looking for:
Scouts - Bards, Beastlord, Brigand
Mages - Chanters 
Priests - Shaman
Other classes: check in with Wyce (Raid Leader)

Audra has requested more gnomes. I'm requesting more exotic accents for ventrilo.

Casual side:
All classes and levels accepted.

Register on our forums & put in an app today!
- When registering please use your character's name.

Other news!

Sundyne would like to share that she has learned to open wine bottles without dumping the cork in the booze. This is a big upgrade from prying open ale bottles with her teeth or just drinking from the keg tap. She is now a "cultured" Halfling and is proudly displaying her increase in status by putting on airs and visiting "spas." For information's sake, a Halfling pedicure involves moisturizing, exfoliation, painting the toenails red, and waxing the foot fur into artful swirls. I'm so glad I'm a Half Elf and will never need to wax my feet.


Imagine this: one morning you are getting ready for work; you see a shadow by the front door, but when you look out you see nothing, so you go back to getting ready. As you back out of the driveway, you see a gift bag on your doorstep. You go to examine it, open the package, and find a note addressed to your Everquest II character... from a guildmate...from Australia.

This happened to me! Easily one of the most surreal moments of my life, standing on my own front porch with my jaw agape, looking around the neighborhood. When? Where? How?

Turns out Mojozen (or Tactic, if you prefer) was in the States touring with his wife and inlaws, and did a drive-by gifting early in the morning. How absolutely surreal to know that a guildmate from another continent was 20 feet away that morning, and by simple fate & timing, I missed meeting him! And how absolutely AWESOME that a guildmate would leave me such a surprise (for the record, the bag contained the note, some Aussie candies, coffee, and a kangaroo's tanned testicles made into a coin pouch - just for my Brigand... And for the record, that last one made me laugh... but ALSO for the record, please do not visit me to give me animal testicle leather, that joke ONLY works for Australians)

I am sad we missed him, but the whole experience made me laugh and left me with a silly grin for the rest of the day. Holy Might people ROCK!!

I do have to add that I did meet a guildie last month, finally, after all these years of playing EQII (since 2004!) and wimping out of Fan Faire. It was entirely by chance outside a local liquor store. That might be a close tie for surreal moments, actually, when you see someone walking across a parking lot and realize (thanks Facebook..!) it's someone you know from an MMORPG. What are the odds of such a thing? Not to mention the humor of the location (hey, they carry a lot of local microbrews...)! And fyi, Rigs offline is just like Rigs online. I stuck out my hand and introduced myself as Nin, he shook it, said "Holy shit!" and then without missing a beat "Hey did you see the eclipse?" This might be both an indication of being completely unflappable, or completely ADHD, or both. Take your pick. ;)

Despite our few and infrequent in-person meetings over the years, HM'ers have always shown themselves to be exceptional people. Rather than treat the guild as a stepping stone to somewhere better down the road, they treat it as home, and embrace the concept of an online community. As time has gone on, our friendships have changed and mellowed and developed greater depth. I like that we have in-jokes and a culture (and we love it when folks join and jump right in!). I love that even those who've left Norrath turn up in other games or on Facebook and we still get to see them and keep in touch. There's no reason why "online friends" need to be superficial friends. That's a choice, not circumstance, so keep that in mind when and if you ever ask yourself if your online pals are real. Does your friendship improve your life? Yes? Then it's real!

I have come to rely on our online community in many ways over the years. HM folks are still "my people" and logging in to the game is like getting home after a long day and throwing off my shoes, happy to be back in my space. I miss them when I can't log in, and get homesick for our guild hall and the company of people who are on the same page. I'm grateful it continues to exist after all this time!


Books from the Guild Hall of Recommendations for Summer:

Ready Player One - Ernest Cline (recommended by Duhickey as fun light reading)
Unbroken - Laura Hillenbrand (recommended by me! Especially in Audiobook format. The incredible true story of Louis Zamperini, Olympic Athlete & WWII POW. Not light reading, but nonstop action/adventure!)
Katherine Kerr's Deverry novels (recommended by Shivra, " If you like magic and swords and danger and so on, this series is full of all of that.. ")
A Street Cat Named Bob - James Bowen (recommended by Valltor, " Amazing true story self-penned by a recovering heroin addict living on the streets of London, who's life was changed for the better by a chance meeting with a stray cat."
Homeland (The Dark Elf Trilogy #1)- R.A. Salvatore (recommended by Shuu & Doomey. Want to know why so many people call themselves Drizzt? And, want to see where the inspiration for Neriak came from? Start here!)
Sherlock Holmes (series) - Arthur Conan Doyle (recommended by Sundyne, who pointed out the new movies are much closer to the books than the older renditions of Holmes)
Mistborn: The Final Empire (Mistborn #1) - Brandon Sanderson (recommended by Shuu)
The Name of the Wind (The Kingkiller Chronicle) -Patrick Rothfuss (recommended by Shuu)

Overall kickass books & series:
Hunger Games - Suzanne Collins (you saw the movie, you know you read the book!)
Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice & Fire #1) - George R.R. Martin (the show is beautiful, the books are better!)