Guild Structure


Grand Master: The guild should always have 3 leaders to provide balance. Leaders are voted in by a majority of the guild, or officers in extenuating circumstances (a rebuild). They make the final call on guild decisions. Major decisions are brought before the officers (and sometimes the entire guild) for discussion or a vote prior to change. We help to guide and shape the guild, but it is ultimately the majority that rules in its direction.

Commanders: These are the officers, chosen by the leadership group as needed. Each officer has a task to manage, but their position is not limited to that role. Officer responsibilities also include: maintaining the Holy Might reputation through their example and enforcing guild code of conduct, assisting the Legion and Citizens where needed, working to build member relationships, and maintaining harmony within the guild. Please see the

Officer & Leader FAQ in the forums for clarification on which officers are assigned to particular tasks. Officer/Leader Alts: This rank is in place so that a leader or officer on an alt can be quickly identified and retain the ability to perform leader/officer actions without switching to a main.

Legion: This is the raid force. Further clarification of roles and responsibilities are discussed in the Raiding Section of the charter. Legion members have priority over raid loot.

Citizens: These are our casual players. There is no level restriction on casual membership and no requirement other than abiding by the code of conduct and staying reasonably active. Raiding and Loot Restrictions for Citizens are found in the Raiding Section of the charter.

Citizen/Legion Alts: Alternate Characters of both Citizen and Legion members are kept at this rank. Alts inactive for over 45 days may be removed, but can be brought back in if they become active again. Multiple alts are welcome after initiation is over, but there may be some restrictions at officer/leader discretion if the number exceeds 5 (while we love multiboxers, 21 alts would be a bit much!).

Training Wheels: This is a temporary rank for new or returning members, Citizen and Legion alike.

Lowest Rank - Name May Change: MIA or inactive members are placed at this rank. Long time MIA's may be removed if Leaders and Officers aren't notified of an eventual return. Legion spots may be filled during any un-notified or extended absence and are not guaranteed upon return. This is also used occasionally as a disciplinary/time-out rank. Returning MIA's may be moved to Training Wheels before reinstatement to Citizen or Legion. Periodically we have guild chat turned off for the lowest rank, so if you are a returning member, you may not be able to interact in guild chat till a leader or officer re-promotes you.