Communicating with the Guild

The most prevalent form of communication between guild and leadership is the forums. Check in a couple times a week for important information or announcements (or just socialize!).

Raiders (old and new, alike) are to go to the Word from the Leaders forum to check the raid schedule, post to the MIA thread if they will miss raids or be out of the game, and get their news from the Raid Leader on current content and direction for the raid force.

Citizens may use the Word from the Leaders forum to check in on news, post extended AFK's or check out the HM Militia "Volunteering for Raids" thread to sign up, if needed.

Guild mail may be used, but it has proven unreliable, so the forum is our main method of communication.

We use Ventrilo software for communication during raids and for hanging out in our spare time. Usage limit is 30 people. Vent is for the guild only, please. Guests may be allowed with permission from leadership. Members are welcome to sit in on raids provided they listen quietly without interruption. Music is restricted to the "Chill Channel" unless it is pre-approved by leadership. Login information is in the FAQ Section for members.

Additional information is available via the MOTD as well as the "bulletin board" next to the Guild Hall broker in-game. You can click on any book to read it.

You can contact leaders regarding forum access, DKP website issues and other concerns via PM on our forums: Ninibi, Audra or Fyrespring.