How to Apply

We try to maintain as open a recruitment policy as possible on our casual side, while recruitment in the raid force may be limited depending on current needs.

Anyone who feels they are a fit for Holy Might is welcome and encouraged to put in an application in the appropriate section that fits his/her playstyle. If we cannot accommodate a Raid application and you're not fussy whether you raid or not, you are welcome to apply to the casual side. However, Citizens (casual members) do not attend raids unless approved by the Raid Leader.

Also, while we’re more than happy to put the word out there that we’re seeking classes, we don’t support or tolerate “poaching,” pressuring, or bribing members into the guild. We do not offer incentives to join. Conversely, we do not allow coersive style apps in which one "needed class" will not join without their friend, so please do not apply saying you will not join unless we take your buddy, too. Everyone fills out an application for themselves, even family members (leadership included).

Applications serve the purpose in giving Guild Leadership an idea of who you are, your history on the server, and whether or not it will be a fit - as well as introducing you to your potential future guildmates. Be as chatty and thorough as you like!!

All applicants must register on our forums here, to apply. Use the name of the character you are applying for, and follow directions so the forum does not mistake you for a spambot!

Once your registration goes through...

Casual (Citizen) applicants may apply in the Casual Application Forum.

Raid applicants may apply in the Raid Application Forum.

All applications are reviewed by the officers and leaders.

The current leaders are as follows:

Ninibi (Reimani)

The current Raid Leader is:


Please Note:

An application may be refused on the basis of a guild member's discomfort/experiences with you, your reputation in-game, poor raid performance if you are a raid app, current needs for the raid force, badmouthing your former guilds and other varying factors. We may refuse an applicant if we feel their personality is just not a fit for the current guild atmosphere. Please do not take offense, as our decision reflects that you would be just as unhappy in a bad match!

Harassment of a guild leader or officers in tells is an instant disqualifier and may get you a report and petition along with a resounding "NO!"

All applicants have a two week initiation period. If you are absent for a chunk of the initiation or there are problems that must be worked out, your initiation may be extended. The initiation period is here so both sides can get to know each other and further decide if the guild is a fit. If you're not here, that's impossible!

Raid applicants will be promoted to Legion at the end of a two week initiation. However, you are not yet eligible to bid on loot in-game or on the forums until you have attended for 6 raid days. Please see the DKP and Bidding Rules section for further clarification.