About Us..


Holy Might is a guild comprised of gamers who've gathered together to experience friendship and high end raid content without compromising quality of life in the "real world."
We maintain two gaming styles side by side in order to stay united as a group while accommodating different playstyle preferences. Citizens play casually, leveling and questing at their own pace. The Legion is our raid force; their game is focused on pushing the envelope and tackling the game's most difficult content as part of a team.
Together, we play the game for fun and enjoyment. Support and encouragement for all levels make this possible. The Legion has their 'grounding' in the Citizens; the Citizens have 'mentors' in the Legion. We exist as one solid group, and we're all proud to wear the Holy Might tags!


Our Goals

  • To raid the highest end content while level appropriate.
  • To enjoy the game in all aspects from casual gameplay to high end raiding.
  • To grow and support each other as we fully experience the world of Norrath.
  • To represent Holy Might as a fun loving guild known for treating each other and others fairly.
  • To have a positive impact on the server community.
  • To have fun at every turn!


How to Apply

Guild Ranks

Communicating with the Guild

General Code of Conduct, Discipline, and the Guild Bank

Raid Rules and Code of Conduct

DKP and Bidding Rules


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Translation to the runes above:

To fight together, die together, win together.
To be open with our friendship and trust.
To support and teach those who wish to learn,
and to learn from those who have gone ahead.
To discard ego, and embrace laughter.
To build memories, to remember and cherish our friends and family,
in the game and out.