DKP, Bidding Rules and Structure

Dragon Kill Points or DKP

DKP is the currency used to award participation in raids. It can be used to bid on loot and purchase items from the guild bank (such as rares).

Everyone who attends raids earns dkp - whether Citizen, Initiate or Legion.

A point value is assigned to each raid, generally calculated by length and difficulty of the zone. Zone value may be adjusted over time according to how easily we clear it or whether it has been 'demoted' to "farm status."

Bonus DKP is granted for first time named kills or zone clears. It is sometimes also granted for staying late to work on a mob, or for "off day" quest update raids.

Non-instances raid zones, such as Silent City in T6, will have a point per hour value to give credit based on time invested. You will only earn full points for staying for the entirety of the raid, otherwise points are prorated as time spent/total raid time.

DKP credit will be given to all who show up on time and more often than not will be awarded to those who sit out and stay available.

DKP penalties are incurred for arriving late and leaving early during raid times. It is at Leaderships discretion how many points from the full value of the raid will be docked. It may be 2, it could be 4, depending on how late you arrive or how early you leave. This also applies to falling asleep at the keyboard.

It is your responsibility to keep track of your balance and make sure you have been credited for the raids you've attended. We keep threads for each raid, but sometimes we miss someone (sometimes ourselves!).


Members: Please see the Bidding FAQ for further clarification on eligibility.

Bidding Process

Tradeable loot is put up on the forums during the week. Bids always end at 6pm Pacific on Fridays. For these bids, it is non-silent and goes until an established winner is reached. The following rules apply to forum bidding:

  1. Bids are made in a minimum of .5 increments.
  2. Invalid bids (bids that cause you to go negative) or lack the required information will be ignored.
  3. You may not go negative in your points and only current reflected points on the DKP site will be allowed.
  4. To prevent sniping, there must be a one hour “cool down period”. Until there is such a time, bids will be extended. If the cool down period passes the 7pm PST raid start time, it is auto-extended until 4pm PST the next day and the cool down period rule still applies.
  5. No proxy bidding. In the case of an emergency or computer outage, only a leader may proxy bid, and these are to be rare instances (going out of town is not an emergency).
  6. Items must be attuned by the winner. If bidding for an alt in an alt allowed bid, it must be attuned by that alt. Anyone caught selling winnings or bidding for others is violating our Code of Conduct.
  7. You may not withdraw a bid. Once the bid is submitted, it stands as posted. It is unfair to the person who came after you and bid a higher amount. Intentionally bidding to raise the value is also not permitted. If it is an invalid bid, you will be charged the bid amount but the item will not be transferred.
  8. Max bid is 150. If someone bids 150, you may tie that bid and the tie breaker will be raid attendance for the past 30 days. If you tie at 30 days, it moves to 60... tie at 60, it moves to 90, then finally, lifetime raid attendance.

If at any time a 150 bid is made, there will be no extending of that auction.

NO TRADE items are bid on the spot in a timely manner in a silent 3 step auction.

The quick bidding rule is set into /raid and the designated Bid Taker will announce the item up for bid and any restrictions on bidding.

After each round, the highest bid is announced and you may rebid. If you wish to drop out, send a 0 to the raid leader/designee so they know you are not still contemplating (You may bid 1 to express interest in the item if you are not eligible or do not want it unless it is passed over by someone else who may need it more).

You must be in the auction from round 1 to bid in successive rounds.

The highest bid after the 3rd round wins.

Ties are handled the same way as the forums.

If you are specifically asked by the Raid Leader to bring an Alt to a raid to help complete a zone or make room for another raider, you will be eligible to bid for your main as normal during the raid. If an item drops that only the Alt can use, congratulations! Requested Alts will be announced by the Raid Leader at the beginning of the raid.

The above rule does not apply to bringing an alt for fun, AA or a quest update, or your own requests to raid your alt. The point of this rule is to make sure someone doing the guild and raid force a favor is not penalized for doing so.

Loot restrictions & Minimum Bids

Loot is restricted to certain classes based on a variety of reasons. The Raid Leader may call restrictions when the item is dropped. The Bid Taker/Raid Leader may also advise/suggest to a bidder to pass on an item if the item is not appropriate for their class. This is never in mind to prevent you from good loot, but to advise you towards choices that benefit you and don't waste your dkp.

Items where a restriction should be expected:

  1. Skill increases. Ex. Subjugation, Ordination, Ministration… Items with these boosts will be auto-restricted to classes who can benefit from them. + Pierce with Str/Agi may go to a scout, while + Pierce with high Wis may go to a Crusader or Shaman.
  2. Armor type. Gear is first offered to members who primarily use the type of gear. This is done to allow the people who can only use leather armor or very light armor can have a shot at gear without having to compete with people who can also use chain or plate.
  3. Weapon choices. Dual Wield (now 1hand wield style) goes to dual wielders first. Crush DW goes to brawlers first. Bows go to Predators/Bards or a MT/OT. Kite Shields to Crusaders. Round Shields to Scouts. Bucklers to Priests.

Item Values (DKP)

Current Tier Previous Tier
Fabled 18 12
Master Spells 18 (25 for cap) 12
Legendary 12 8
Rare Treasured 8 4
Rare Metals/Gems 8 4
Rare Wood/Root/Pelt 4 2
Treasured Nonrare 4 1

All this data is based on the average daily accrual of 8-10 dkp per day