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I'm not drinking out of that fountain...
Ok, Tomorrow Is Your Day Off, Holy Might...Swear!

I'm not drinking out of that fountain...
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Written by Ninibi
Wednesday, 11 January 2006


Fountain of Life or not, the room is full of dogs and zombies and the water is green.

/check bags for bottled water

Oh thank god I have tea.

Questionable drinking sources aside, Fountain of Life (or Fountain of E Coli O157:H7, as it may be) is a gorgeous zone... I wish I'd had my graphics turned all the way up for it but sadly was too busy to take the time to switch back and forth.

The eyes, put back in their sockets. :)

What's beyond this door?

Ooo...if it weren't for all the dead guys...

And one big ugly mutt:

It'd be quite nice!

Cujo pwned, Godking on the menu.

The next night, a trip into Poet's Palace: Return... sadly no screenies for you from that trip, as they caught me on an off day with my eyes half open. Just think "Poets with oomph!"

Pedastal of Sky on the menu this weekend...

For those of you who may be able to make it in to Pedastal, you may not want to look at these pics and ruin the surprise for yourself.

For those that may not be able to go (it requires 2 raids to finish the access questl), enjoy!

Night and Day
Iornpaw sacrifices himself for our amusement.
Iorn again
"Did you hear someone call for help?"

Also, cleared out Gates of Ahket Aken up to the Statue Court and working on the evil Sunchild and Black Queen. Fire Witch, you're a joke... can I poke your firey behind and laugh some more. - Alemi

Ok, Tomorrow Is Your Day Off, Holy Might...Swear!
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Written by Ninibi
Tuesday, 17 January 2006

Holy Might takes a vacation and kills the damned spider.

After a hefty weekend of killing and being killed in Fountain of Life, Silent City and Poets Palace Return, Pedestal of Sky... and a week full of raiding behind that... topped off with late night lowbie alt raids and T5 instance runs...Sunday was supposed to be our "day off," but we decided to head back to Silent City Sunday night, declaring that Monday would be our day off instead. We were surprised and gratified to find ourselves with a full raid that night.

So we log in today and of course Terror is finally up!

Bait dangled, it ended up we couldn't stand it anymore and decided if she was still up and we had enough people on who were willing, we'd go give it a shot.

Full turnout again on a day off!

We can quit any time we want to, I swear.

At 9% or so, I got myself clobbered.

I revived, and running back from the respawn point, someone on Ventrilo starts a countdown.

"5!....4! ....3!...2!..."

Cheetah don't fail me now.


Ok this is the part where, if we were the cool kids with the upturned collars on our leather jackets, we'd try to downplay it and say "aw, it was no big deal, we pwnd it EZ" and indeed, compared to our fights in the past with Terror, we clobbered her on the second try with very few deaths.


We were all yelling so loud on Ventrilo that the MT had to go calm down his 3 yr old... "no, the house isn't blowing up/burning down, Daddy just killed a big digital bug!"

One of our tanks who'd been off for the night, sleeping, logged in to Vent to say he heard his wife and had to come see what was up (um, I formally extend my apologies to other family members we woke...).

After the raid, no one knew what to do with themselves, so we had sort of our "after Spider party" and ran off to whack Nagalik...then, as we lost a few people to their beds, ran off with 2 groups to do some T5 zones.

Halfway through Meeting of the Minds, Junon says "I wonder what would happen if I cast Ring of Fate... " someone else: "it'd be funny if it evac'd us and left Nini tanking" Rebel: "I'm halfway through casting ..."

A couple seconds later, our group gets evac'd to Everfrost.

Rena ( in our group & not on Ventrilo to hear us laughing our fool asses off): "EF?"

/point at Rebel "His fault!"

They finished up MotM and we moved on to Zalak, then Drayek, then Spirit of Vox... then off to alts...

Thinking I was finally worn out enough to sleep, I logged out and hopped in here to do a quick write up ...and there's 3 people sitting here lurking the front page.

SO, no quick writeup for jooo, Nini, get to work!!

Anyway, I'm (finally) off to bed...

Holy Might, you ROCK!!

You're an awesome group of people, friends, family, and players. You're all exceptional in your skill, but above all, it's your desire to get out and try again no matter how many faceplants it takes that makes us succeed at what we do.

I'm so proud of you guys!!!!

Edited to add:
There were claims after this, due to my joke about "cheetah" that a zerg was used, despite members of their guild standing on the hill watching the fight.

I'm the person taking the screenies in all of our raids for the later recaps. This is my usual job and if I can rez and run back and get a couple screenies, I'll "break rules" and go do it.

Alemi noted:
...notice that the corpses, stayed corpses... the onlookers on the ridge can verify. You san see Alemi sporting the lovely purple coat in the top pic, dead in the 2nd, and still dead in the 3rd (with a big barbarian foot on her head). Nin's glowy toilet brush still sheathed, did not re-engage the fight.

Further, you can see Junon (I assume it's Junon) dead from the first to the last screenie, check those white boots.

I'm at a loss as to why such foolish claims should be humored, but there you have it.