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Hero of Kugup... bless you, do you require a kleenex? And other heroes.
I don't know, how many purplish blades have YOU sniffed lately?
Happy Holidays, from Holy Might!
O'Tannenbaum, O'Tannenbaum...

Hero of Kugup... bless you, do you require a kleenex? And other heroes
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Written by Alemi
Tuesday, 06 December 2005

While the city name may sound like a giant ball of green snot, it is infact the Froglok village.

Holy Might went in, and obtained more titles on this visit, with about 7 walking away Hero of Kugup. Venekor had her smackdown first, followed by a large rock giant with a slight body temperature problem. Metal from both.

More importantly, we had fun doing it and sped through the zone in about 2 hours.

Grats to Audra, Junon, Plene, Wispa, and others who managed to acquire the title. Also, grats to Rebel & Tebren (and myself) for finishing the Hero of Maj'Dul quest, and good luck to those working on it. It's a blast! I encourage everyone to do it.

I don't know, how many purplish blades have YOU sniffed lately?
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Written by Ninibi
Thursday, 08 December 2005

Whatever they've put in the water in Silent City, it evidentally screws with the minds of elementals and rusts out metal chests.

"Happiness is flying... Woohee!" indeed.

Holy Might has a universal and great affection for kaponging their heads off the SC Raid zone ceiling. We're a well oiled machine, I want you to know. Please look me in the eye when I talk to you, and don't pay any attention to the monk in the background going for the mother of all bellyflops.

And, at least we still have the "bouncy balls" to entertain us in Silent City, since SOE did their typical sleight of hand and boosted the nameds while nerfing the loot.

I've been informed that if I slack off on the updates again I'll have sandlewood splinters jammed under my here I am, hauling a load of screenshots of various encounters about the world of Norrath.

But the one of which I'm the proudest... I failed to screenie. Mother of... arugh!!

Just picture, though... 4 am... a monk, a conjurer, an inquisitor and a fury... one Epic 54x2 in Solsek's Eye. The four of us had Hand of Caldera's adds down and the mob himself down to 15% before another group's interference brought in the roamers and caused a wipe. While we were rebuffing, they pulled him.

12 of them to beat Caldera down on his own... and we nearly had him and his adds with 4. Ahhh now that, my dears, is a bigger win than the master chest they walked off with. :)

In the past two weeks, we have clobbered everything and anything we can get our hands on that would stand still long enough to get hit. We two grouped Kra'thud, one grouped Knubbed, clobbered the Gardener in Court of Al'afaz and the Purple Piper, too. We've stuffed cotton in our ears to drown out the elementals and their fume intoxicated blather while hacking mobs down for hours in Silent City. We finally got a rematch with the Rujark Champion and knocked his head off... we paid our friend Darathar another visit, tied Xiggalg's shoelaces together, put in an order for crocodile hide wallets for the whole guild in Lockjaw's lair and raised hell in the Gates of Akhet Aken.

Screenies for your viewing pleasure!

Nagalik meets Holy Might Lite and still gets pwned.
B'bye Sol Fist!
Hi again! Bye again!
Dressed for success, we beat the stuffing out of the Drakota with a buncha spoons (well, except me. I forgot my spoon in the kitchen.)
Vision of Vox has rabies. Kill her!
Xiggalg wouldn't buy our cookies.
Champion gets knocked OUT!
Gardening is not a peaceful passtime in Court of Al'Afaz.
Kra'Thuk gets pwned by a two group raid.
Knubbed by one. Neener!
We tip the Piper on his performance...
Barakah, a few seconds before smacking our heads into the ground with her bling coated claws.

Happy Holidays, from Holy Might!
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Written by Ninibi
Monday, 19 December 2005

The best way to celebrate the end of the year? Get naked and raid!

Holy Might had it's first Christmas/New Years/Holiday/Winter Solstice/ the 12 day Jewish holiday I can't spell w/o a dictionary/whatever-festive-winter-date-fits-your-fancy party, AND we're coming up on celebrating our one year anniversary as a guild (Christmas Eve). :)

Happy Birthday Holy Might!

Wispa planned the shindig, and Wispa's parties are great fun, so we had a pretty decent turnout bar one or two masochists who chose their company christmas parties instead. We'll assume that was a self-punishing choice (coughzapcough). ;)

So! Enough with the chatter, on to the mug shots!

Folks gather in their holiday finery outside my apartment in Maj Dul and exchange gifts for Secret Santas (yay!)..

Mikial brought along a friend...

Gunthore got his holidays mixed up and came as Poseidon:

An unusual angel for the top of the tree:

Spiked eggnog and punch imbibed, the party got a lil'crazy.

Ummm what are these blue rings in my bedroom?

Brawls broke out, the angel jumped the tree and opted for teasing the monkey up on the bookshelves...Kellindil over on the right turned my gnomish distillery into a bong, he was the most sedate partygoer we had...well, until later.

There were party games...

Wispa and Reb box in the background, Kellindil drags Sumner over to check out the bong, Draco adds some shiny chrome to the mix and summoned pets look on in confusion.

I'm not sure if this is cute or macabre... I keep getting flashbacks to The Lost Boys and the Vampire Death By Stuffed Gazelle Head scene... but anyhoo, Audra ( who has firmly informed me I must shut my Soga settings off for gnomes) adds some holiday glow to the dining room light fixture...

Audra and Mik discovered a treadmill built into my dining room table (food and fitness in the same place, this is Jetson's style efficiency in Norrath, I say!)

It's all fun and games till someone loses an eye.Mik passed out on the table proving that Rebel is indeed, the drunken master while Shock and Draco duke it out in the background.

Drunks passed out everywhere...Grodie fell off the bed.

The aftermath... some lingering partygoers try to look inconspicuous while I run out for more cleaning supplies.

Reb went and hid himself somewhere in TS, and passed out. The object of the game was to go find him...well, Audra (luckily) found him, and someone else found Coldtooth, so we decided to play whack-a-mole... in our underwear.

Tebren kills a guild leader and sweeps her under the rug. "What Ninibi? We've never heard of her..."

Revived and having slaughtered poor Coldtooth, we headed for Oakmyst Forest for a few rounds of Hide & Seek.

A tell I got:
"what are you guys doing here?"
"playing hide & seek LOL"

Holy Might, ready to take Oakmyst by storm!

The rat finding new and creative places to scramble, which sparked an impromptu competition of "how many people can we get up there..." and "how far can you launch yourself off the arch?" (one of the monks managed to bellyflop right into the water)

I found a creative place to hide...

They'll never find me here!


A few more rounds of Hide & Seek revealed there's a lot more places to hide in Oakmyst than we had thought.

After a quick dinner break, we headed off for raids, finally wrapping it up around two or three in the morning for the east coasters... a good portion of the guild went off to do faceplants into their beds and get some rest. :)

Prior to the party, we had a little contest with EQ'ifying Christmas Carols... those will be in the next entry, as they'll take up juuuuust a little bit of space. :)

O'Tannenbaum, O'Tannenbaum...
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Written by Ninibi
Friday, 30 December 2005

How clawlike are your branches...

We went through all our Christmas celebrating feeling like something...was missing.

It finally dawned on us while looking though the Christmas pics - Audra perched on a candelabra... a palm tree... a shelf...a table...a chandalier... something wrong with this picture... /ponder...y'know,.we have no christmas tree!

So HM set out on a "really cool Christmas Tree" hunt.

I personally would have picked somewhere in Thundering Steppes or Rivervale to go looking, color me crazy. Seems to be a few Christmasy trees in those areas.... lovely fluffy pines that'd look fabulous in the living room. Rivervale with the added bonus of festive Halflings to scatter around the place for that "Santa's workshop" atmosphere...

But no, Alemi wants to go to Living Tombs.

Not "Santa's Tree Lot" or "O'Tannenbaum Trees & Sundry"... Living Tombs.

What the hell kind of Christmas tree are we going to find in the zombie habitrail?

So, for your amusement, just imagine Urzyd the Undying (but certianly choppable) hanging off the back of the family chariot, the humble station wagon (or these days, the sturdy Subaru Forester), on the way back to the Holy Might homestead... Those clawlike branches, that ghostly sparkle... what a tree!

Gimme! Gimme!

Now, we just have to find a catapult to get our tree topper up there.

Other wins for the week:

I can't flirt with Siyamak anymore, because apparantly killing a guy isn't very exciting for him. That's a shame, I loved his WWF belt. :\

Hot Dark Elf down! Hot Dark Elf down!

Likewise, the boys are thoroughly on Barakah's s-list after killing her elephants AND her pony AND her. Ooops. Barakah's name, btw, means "blessing" or "divine grace" the standard male, that also means "cute when angry."

The Rujark Champion lost another set of teeth to a guild pickup raid.

The usual host of T5 zones and contesteds smacked out.

Nini beat down repeatedly by a hailstorm of snowballs (she drops nothing).

Moonchild got the flowerpower smacked out of him and the Black Queen, in return, smacked the sass off our faces with the patented "What Did You Just Say To Me?" attack. This is defined in "The Average Guy's Guide to PMS and The Female" as "deceptive calm and goodwill followed by a sudden and inexplicable eruption of fury, angst, bitter snark and flying pumps."

No one had any Godiva handy. We left mangled and appalled at the sheer speed with which she dished out her smackdown. Whatever beans they're using in the Al'Afaz espresso bar, I want some.

In Gates, the Guardian of Orbs got knocked down, run over and frisked for loot.

Terrorantula and Holy Might are still eyeballing each other suspiciously. The shoe got mangled, the hairspray and lighter idea totally backfired... I'm thinking snowballs.

Spiders don't like snowballs. ^_^