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Congrats on 28 HM!
I get knocked down...but I get up again...
Voting is closed! Get your gasmasks and duct tape...
You take the good, you take the bad, lalalalala, and there you have The Facts of Might.
The fine art of ducking and weaving...
That's MISTER Gargilliviontumon to you, buddy...
Follow that...thingy!
Goliathan Pwnd!

Congrats on 28 HM!
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Written by Ninibi
Saturday, 01 October 2005

After two weeks unofficially "off" from raiding, we're back in business!

Busy night!

Knocked out Rognog (mmm fish 'n chips...and oooo crab legs.../hungry).

Tried our hand at Zatan and after a couple warmup beatings, sent him back to his ice floe in the great goblin afterlife (first Zatan win for us).

Headed off and - carefully stepping around Vision of Vox - paid a visit to Drayek, who is turning into sort of a reverse challenge...i.e. we beat him down so fast the adds pile up on each other. Ack.

Went on to pay a visit to the contested Nightblood in Enchanted Lands. Ok he's green, but he still dropped a master...

Then Acrimoniad in Feerrott.

Tried one more x2 in CT, but she wiped out one of the wizards in one hit...twice...buffs and all. So, we called it a night on her and headed out with a smidgeon of guild xp left to ding 28.
vTwenty minutes later, folks turning in status loot and writs pushed us over.

It was a good first night back...great work, good wins, a ding, first time out for a couple folks and they did great.

Nice job, HM, and welcome back. :)

I get knocked down...but I get up again...
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Written by Ninibi
Sunday, 23 October 2005

(Please Tunare, mute Ninibi and let her not put forth Chumbawumba quotes!)

Ok I could have picked better music.

Guilds all go through adjustment periods, and they always seem (and feel) like everything has gone to hell in a handbasket. (Hm, maybe Bob's "Exodus" and/or The Bravery's "No Brakes"?) But, the better ones pop back up to live on tenaciously and if HM is anything, it's tenacious (and more than slightly chewy).

And so you have a Senior Officer of Holy Might wearing her old Monstrous Regiment tags, making a post for her guild on the forums. Which guild? Holy Might. But wait, you're Monstrous Regiment... No, I'm also Holy Might. Wait, I'm confused. Who are you? Stop asking me questions!

Without getting into great detail (details, we know, are often creepy things best left alone in the dark), there was an explosion on board our battleship,and many were flung overboard. The captain said "y'know, everyone sings about that Titanic guy but he's still DEAD" and went over the side right behind them.

In short, Holy Might's leadership took a pretty big hit, but the ship didn't sink. We were able to pull nearly everyone back on board and rescue operations are still underway.

Snook, our new leader, has decided it best if three leaders were voted in. So we are in the process of restructuring our leadership and getting back in motion.

Well, if yesterday is any indication, we're getting in motion NOW and hoping the rest catches up.

We're all on ventrilo yesterday... well darned near all of us... talking about what to do next. We sorted out the basic gameplan and Snook says "oh by the way, if anyone needs Torturer he's up..." to which, mid meeting, a few of us dropped everything to go galloping off to Cazic Thule.

"Oh" Junon mentions, "Acrimoniad is up as well."

Hmmmm hmm! KILL IT!

And so Holy Might, gathering up her tattered gown, said "the hell with this Dior crap, I'm hot!" and dashed off to the ball .

We clobbered Torturer, and started gathering our raid for Acrimoniad. As we're standing there, DA starts gathering behind us. Junon pulls...Junon gets splattered like a bug on a windsheild. DA starts buffing Tarmac. We have our group there, but the second group is still running through the jungle. If a Fury could will herself a spell, I'd have sprouted Call of the Hero icons out of the top of my head like a Mother's Day bouqeut.

We decide, with our one group, to pull it and try to hold it while they run. Hell if we're gonna get here and let you monkeys have it! (Bless you DA, I know you could have pulled it at any time,)

And besides, I wanted to see Junon get splattered again. Muahaha!

So we pulled! And Junon lived (damn!) and we managed to hold the Worm of DOOM till Tebren and the rescue crew could swoop in.

And we nailed him

.And I have no idea what loot we won. It wasn't relevant. We'd not really won a fight against a mob, but the heart of our guild back.

In a time where we may have gone off to lick our wounds and let them fester, we saw a target, banded together a bedraggled bunch of friends and refugees, and brought out the light that made us shine so brightly when we first hit the raiding scene. We still have it, we still work as a beautiful team, and Holy Might still lives. (*zap Junon*)

Voting is closed! Get your gasmasks and duct tape...
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Written by Ninibi
Monday, 24 October 2005

Holy Might has three new leaders!

The result of the weekend's shakeup in HM was the members deciding to nominate & vote in three new leaders.

Voting ended Monday night at 9pm PST.

HM's new leaders are (*drum roll* *baby cry*)

Snook (strong silent type)
Alemi (does NOT wear leather pants - he claims)
Faarw...wait no...damn...
Ninibi (a terrible table dancer)

Thank you for your votes and encouragement, Holy Might. We are proud to be a part of your family.

You take the good, you take the bad, lalalalala, and there you have The Facts of Might
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Written by Alemi
Monday, 24 October 2005

I know, it's bad... very bad... I couldn't help the title-pun.

I can't begin to echo Ninibi's sentiments, and damn you for beating me to the post.


We've been a quiet tiger, sleeping in the jungle, and recently, someone pulled our tail. We came out and proved to ourselves that we still have "it." Acrimoniad was just the tip of the icerberg yesterday.
v Ok, enough warm fuzzies, now to expand on Nin's recap.

After that little fungus shit died, we all just stood around. Most congratulating Junon and the healers who managed to keep him alive. (Really, I think he was the most surprised) No really. Then someone made a joke about taking down Vaz'Gok the Cursed. Now, for those who don't know, Vaz'Gok has basically become part of the landscape in Feerrott. Something that just stands around, and occasional whacks down someone who wanders in his path. I think he likes to play "Whack-a-mole."

Anyway, we pulled together 24 and wandered on over. After a brilliant pull coordinated between Mikial and Tebren, the disciples went down faster than you could say Ambasol. After a few minutes, even the big guy was dead, and I don't think Tebren hit the yellow at any time. We did loose a few mages due to a lovely MT stun/Ice Comet combination, but, eh… they're used to dying, methinks. He rewarded us with some nice fabled that we'll pass on to our citizens.

Then, we broke for a while. A couple of us went to work on stomach faction, and others decided that they were in danger of pulling wife/husband aggro. After we reconvened, we went all the way up to Perma, to discover we were about an hour late for Ms. Vox. Grats to Genesis on that… sneaky little things. So, it was decided that something new was in the works and headed to Maj'dul.

We did our thing to spawn the mob we wanted. Had a couple mishaps with people who decided that greed and coin weren't the way. (Truth… who needs it. Lies make life more fun! j/k) Nothing's funnier than watching poor Ninny have to: run up some stairs, grab a shard, run a little down to move shard closer to door, die, rinse/repeat… poor girl was laughing like a crazy woman on vent (I think she was doing that to stop the swearing).

Anyway, we got our 57 x4 to spawn. This is him (pic was taken from the EQ2 Forums since I was stupid enough not to take a screenshot - stupid Alemi).

Quick side note- A message to SOE: I understand you want to make this mysterious and interesting. You want to make things seem new, and foreign to us. New lore, new zone names, it's all fun. But please do me a favor. Stop naming mobs with a random letter generator. The names sound like something my dog coughed up, or the sound that I was making this weekend with a 102 degree fever. Needless to say, it's silly that I have to separate out syllables to simply pronounce his name and it still sounds like I'm half retarded when I say it.

Anyway, with that said, Knolus'amut, Sentinel of Truth will be referred to as K(sneeze), Sentinel of Truth, because I'm too lazy to type all that and refer to a cheat sheet each time (cause I'm not going to remember). We had a hiccup with one of our Blades or Truth loyalists getting a wee bit to close to some Coin guards and had to kill them. Well, a certain wizzie, who likes to remind everyone about Sha'ir aggro, got a warning earlier and you get the picture. (See, -certain wizzie-, we all make mistakes!) Well, we got stuck in the Sha'ir ring event and we noticed more and more Genesis showing up. So, I called for a strip and wipe and camp to clear aggro so that we could work on our mob.

15+ corpses later, we reformed and watched Genesis pull. /hats off to ya - it was a great attempt. Thought you had him- but they wiped and we regrouped and pulled. First chance we had, Teb ran in and got K(sneeze). Took him down, and were rewarded with metal. Grats to Grodie on the ring and gracias to all those who showed up to cheer on your fellow Mighters.

On a side note, as well, grats to Daii on his new bracers. Personally, I like the quote of "SCOUTNESS" and we all know he'll get some good use out of them.

I'll include some screenshots as soon as I get home, so keep checking the thread if you want to see the details of the loot or the mob. Night Might.

P.S. I really don't pick on Ninibi as much as she picks on me, or she picks on herself.

(Edit: (coughbullshiter!!cough) :P -Nini)

The fine art of ducking and weaving...
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Written by Ninibi
Sunday, 13 November 2005

We may not be the fastest in the dojo, but we still get the smack put down...

The past two weeks, we've lost some beloved members, gained new, and ultimately set ourselves back on track on our path as a competitive family of friends and raiders, stampeding the mobs of Norrath in fine Holy Might style... well, "style" being a very flexible term, taking into consideration SOE's changes to the cobalt armor.

Learning experiences:

We poked at Terrorantula repeatedly with sticks and small rocks, learning a great deal about spiders - particularly that the width of their arses and the speed in which they swing them makes a frustrating barrier to heal around. We were just sorting out the manner of their fickle personalities, when Genesis swooped in and smushed our specimen. ! Hmph!

We studied The Way of the Tree, and found that, like all trees, they're hard to taunt effectively. I thought about dressing Iornpaw up as Smokey the Bear and making him wear his fire buff, but felt that may be pushing things a bit far.

We suckered a shadowknight friend into tanking the Champion late one night and spent some time studying SK paths of flight. Fortunately (or unfortunately, I suppose), the SK path of flight is hampered by low ceilings.

I know it's not openly discuss raid failures. But, these things are valuable learning experiences for us both in the fight and as a guild family, and, pardon me for saying, some are downright hilarious (I need a soundclip of the Champion laughing as he runs off after having hacked us to pieces). I'm still not sure these aren't partially an excuse to run around naked in public, but that's pure conjecture on my part.

Smacketh down:

The sentinels of Maj Dul and their bad names! Multiple times! (those names are really bad...)

Lockjaw's jaw got kicked back into working order, search & seizure warrants were put out on the Drakota & Co., Darathar did another graceful faceplant into the sands of the Isle, and Venekor had the stuffing kicked out of him by a girl.

VazGoh got his arse kicked, just because it feels good to kick him. Heh heh.

Good, fun week on raiding, interspersed with plenty of instanced zones and fabled wins. Great job, guys! Extra special thanks to those who gave up masters and phat lewt to outfit your fellow guildies.

A note to the guild:

We've gone through some rough times this month. The guild has changed tremendously and those changes have not been easy.

You have done a fantastic job of pulling up your bootstraps, digging in your heels and making this guild work despite events that could have, feasibly, sent it smashing into the dirt. You've got the tuck & roll gig down, and we're coming out the other side of this with momentum to burn.

You are all awesome, you're very much appreciated and loved not only for your n

utty personalities and humor, but the way you support each other and the guild.I'm very proud to be a part of you. You are what makes Holy Might awesome.

That's MISTER Gargilliviontumon to you, buddy...
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Written by Ninibi
Monday, 14 November 2005

Sometimes throwing rocks isn't good enough. Shooting them full of lightening and whacking at them with sticks is the ticket!

The rockpile roughly referred to as Garblesnatch behind his back is now a cloud of granite dust drifting about Desert of Flame. Muahahaha!

Garblesnatch, mid-pwn.

(At second glance, don't ask me why I had Vim on an Assassin instead of the Wizzie, I think I missed my target. LOL I also somehow forgot that sirens come out of the water, and got myself pounded to death on a rock in front of the entire bemused raid. /sigh /bonk Nini)

Another few rounds of tower turning (we just love to hear the bells ring. *BONG!*) and sentinels down, a contested in Permafrost (amid total chaos - woo!), more tower turning and we were off for the night.

Belated Venekor screenie.

Follow that night with a round of clobberings dealt out to Nagalik, Borxx, and Xiggalg the Fearfiend (now a x4 vs. x2), we've been a lil' busy!

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Written by Alemi
Thursday, 17 November 2005

It's been a good week for Holy Might so far....

So far we've had a good week. Playing around in Silent City, killing random things, downing Borxx, Xiggalg, Venekor, VazGok, Knubbed, and Lord Nagalik. I think it's been so much fun, that we've gotten a little insane...

Nin, gotta lay those drugs before raiding...

(Well, I am a druid... - NIn)

Follow that...thingy!
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Written by Ninibi
Saturday, 19 November 2005

Krathud finally gets his commupance...

Decking typo debacle not withstanding, we went on to fight the giant frozen condom sculpture in EF.

Ok that was crass, perhaps, but c'mon, what do you people see when you pass a tundra terror... popsicles?

You do?

Uh, ok, well, nevermind that.

He didn't go down without a bit of a fight, and dished out one last parting shot.

/spits snow out of mouth *ptah*
/rude @ Krathud corpse.

So...he can kiss our dead arses. ^_~

Next, a visit to Miss Vox, the Vision. Who, being a lady, dropped better loot than that big di...chunk of frozen redwood in EF.

A "flashback" shot of our friend Nagalik, dying in raver style:

Tonight's excitement included the return of Arwenia... we'd welcomed him on ventrilo after he'd left for Splitpaw, so it wasn't unusual to find him on the server when a few of us logged in...but pretty soon the discussion sounded suspiciously like "group" discussion... a collective "huh?" and we were razzed into looking at guild events... turns out our prodigal skinny erudite babe has returned home. :D

Following this, we visited Lockjaw to beat him up and aquire a very pricey, yet hideously ugly sweater for Wispa. (All it needs is the little alligator sewn on it and it's fantastically stylish in a Snoop Dog sort of way. With respect to conflicting tastes in style, Wispa, you may want to hang out in wolf shape from now on when the other shirts are in the wash. ;) ^_^)

From Lockjaw we headed over to Silent City for some more fun running around the raid portion of the zone. It's a cheap excuse to go launch ourselves off the sentinels. :)

Tebren surveys all that would be his...while Poofe sneaks up to graffiti the markable up there.

Good games, Holy Might! It's been a good week! :D

Goliathan! Pwnd...
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Written by Ninibi
Sunday, 20 November 2005

And his little friends, too...

In the process of a ring event in Silent City, we got our named, Goliathan, a lvl 63 epic x4 (with 2 ^^^ epic pals), to spawn... and he spawned right on our heads. *commence the trampling*

One goofed pull, some reorganization, and we hammered him down in typical Holy Might fashion.

(moi, knocked out by the knockback)

("I'm not dead! ...I think I'll go for a walk...")

It was a long night... it's a nifty zone, but moving around in it can be difficult and tiresome if you have to get through mobs to res someone (the roaming sentinels launch bodies all over...the theme of silent city is "altitude & velocity" thanks to the various mobs with knockback).

Raid members displayed a remarkable amount of patience despite being tired and spending time waiting to get to the fight in the usual mayhem & madness of corpse and member retrieval. Special thanks to those who came out to join us for the fight, and Grodie for calling down everyone and their pet monkey. ^_^

Great job guys!! Awesome win, good work!