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Weekend Raid Update
Prismatics!! WTG Holy Might!
I can't feel my hands!
Roll The Bones (we're makin soup!)
Some pants, some pants, my kingdom for some pants
Don't...take the crapet.




Weekend Raid Update

Monday, 22 August 2005
Written by Ninibi

We had a great weekend!

Not only were people jamming out writs like crazy, but we had a busy weekend with the raids as well.

Friday night, we paid Drayek and Zalak our usual housecall., then scampered off to the Feerrott to try Meeting of the Minds and beat it!

We went from there over to Firemyst Gully to visit the Lich but after killing off Shakuto and Makuto (further than we've ever made it with pick up raids), we got clobbered. Good learning experience and we'll be better prepared next time around.

Saturday, after we caught a few people up on their Fire & Ice quests, we headed off to Permafrost to rez Lady Vox. On the way, we all got to take a look at Vision of Vox, who happened to be up. :)

Between runs to Naggy, we managed to: Rez Vox (sorry about pic quality, I have the game running and gamma is nutty)

Beat regular Drayek, then Draconic Drayek

All three Drakota + DFC instance for rings= complete.

Near wipe on Feerrott Drakota with a fantastic recovery - people hit their groove and he went down.

All in all was a successful night, a few metal chests, plenty of rares to go around, a few fabled pieces and a good end to the evening.

Congratulations Holy Might!




Prismatics!! WTG Holy Might!
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Sunday, 28 August 2005
Written by Ninibi

This post is otherwise known as "Mr.Hammond, after careful consideration, I've decided not to endorse your park."

After a long day of running around preparing for Darathar and whacking down the Deception Drakotas, we finally got underway around 7 pm and headed off to the Isle of

Like any long awaited island vacation, we zoned in to pouring rain and thunderstorms, and found our friend, Assistant Dreak, with his toes to the sky.

There was a moment of genuine grief that our dearly departed friend would no longer be porting newbies off to his dirty basement to have them clean up his messes..

Ok, I'm totally lying.

Nini: "That is what you get for making me clean up your mess!"

While this wasn't particularily discouraging (well for me), something foul seemed to be afoot on the Isle. A quick look around revealed that Quartermaster Brenner did not, indeed, have everything an adventurer might need in his store after all... like... grenades...and rockets...and giant nets... since it turns out the island was swarming with dragons.

I thought of Jeff Goldbum's line in Jurassic Park II:"'Oooh! Ahhhn!' ...that's how it always starts. Then later there's the running ...and screaming."

We worked our way around to the beach from the backside, where we found Bladefin long gone and not a sawtooth shark in sight (ha!). Sitting near the unfortunate (and finally silenced) Eric Wobblecog's corpse and the softly glowing prismatic egg - claws folded neatly like a cat - was Darathar.

When you see a big dragon, you're either going to offer him some reverance... or you know, poke it.

With 24 people, we felt brave. so we picked a fight. And got ourselves beat into the sand.

Of course, a special trip like this, it's not over till you're naked, and grossly we regrouped and sent forth Tebren to poke him again...and we lived more than 5 minutes! And then, suddenly we were stunned and he was flying away.... Round one finished! We came back for round two... and 25% came and went... then 50.

To be totally honest, I expected this to be a few hours of dying and figuring out how to beat him; then, more than likely, a trip back in a week to actually kill him. When I started dragon language and looked up prismatic weapons, I didn't even have an inkling of hope I'd ever really finish it, much less before the expansion. It's not a matter of doubt in my teammate's abilities (who are, I can't say enough, fantastic), but rather an "I don't want to put my hopes on this, I'll focus on the task at hand today" sort of thing.

So, everytime we went back, I was prepared for the worst and expected a group wipe just before the stun/fly away mark, but it never came (well, at 75% after the stun, he clobbered us flat, but we were already on our way to Round 4). When we went back for round four, I was fully prepared for a group wipe at 20%...10%...they came and went, we kept beating him down, and when we hit that final 2%, all I could think was "nu uh!!" /heal /heal /slackjawed amazement

Then, it was over...he was dead...and it started to sink in... baby, you're getting a prismatic! No *freakin* way!

We hauled arse off the island and assembled our group down to SE. Within an hour, the first group of Holy Might members to have "of the shard" over their heads were holding their glowy new toys (Alemi: "I just can't stop playing with it!") and heading off to raid some more. I called it a night on raids at this point, but they went on to do Meeting of the Minds and Drayek.

Thank you to Shintaro for providing screenshots, since Nini was having screenshot capture problems and found out belatedly that allllll the screenies she took were not saved. :(

Here, you can see that for a very small gnome, Audra's Gnome Power extends to her lungs. ;)

Pleione was overcome and had to be resuscitated...

Once again, congratulations to not only those of you who aquired your prismatics and titles last night, but all of Holy Might for such a great accomplishment! I know I say it to the point it must sound like fluff, but I'm entirely sincere when I say we are truly lucky to have such a fine team that works so well together. You make me proud to be part of you. GREAT job!




I can't feel my hands!
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Sunday, 04 September 2005
Written by Ninibi

I present to you: The Gamer's Birdclaw.

"Birdclaw" is the condition in which your hand, after a long tense period of repetative clicking, freezes into a sinewy cramped appendage you'd expect the Wicked Witch of the West to wave at you (most likely in the act of melting into a puddle of goo on the ground).

Birdclaw would also be the condition many of us were suffering from after last night's surprise visit with Solsek's Fist.

Holy Might has been busy!

In our usual round of raids for the week, we attempted Vaz'Guk (or however you spell it)...who I will henceforth refer to as "the Cannon." His AOE blasts you straight back like you see in those martial arts comics where there's lots of action lines indicating a very fast relocation, via the belly area, to some spot 20 feet directly behind where one may have been standing a split second before (when not combined with a stun, I find this perversely funny).

When he finished with us (Summary: BAM! SMACK!), people were head first into the ground with their feet in the air. I was tempted to tickle the dwarves' feet, but I hear they find this exciting much in the way they delight in bearded women, so I kept my paws to myself.

We also, I neglected to mention last week, had an impromptu raid with Spirit of Vox when someone zoned us into the wrong instance. We walked away with her purse and earrings. /proud

Anyway, on to last night! :)

Another Darathar win!

We jammed out our usual round of raids early Saturday afternoon, then after a short break, whacked down the Deception Drakotas and headed off the the Isle around 11 pm. ("Everyone wave to Dreak's corpse" Raid: /tired wave "Hiiii Dreak's corpse")

We beat him down with very little difficulty and no wipes. Yay!

A nice big pic of Darathar's corpse, and Alemi doing naughty things with her prismatic.

Oo! It tickles!

Simon says, "Sit!"

This completed, another round of happy campers ran off to SE to pick up their prismatics.

Everyone was to gather by the dragon skellie in LS for our class picture.

On the way down to Naggy, however, we heard back that a contested mob was up, and we'd be trying that first, so chop chop! Get your new toys and let's go try 'em out!

We came back up, assembled and found we were going to go fight Solsek's Fist. Ever the optimist I thought "Sure I'll give it a try or two, but then I'm going to bed." (early morning today :P)

As per the usual, I didn't anticipate we'd go in and win it...

So we went in and picked the fight, and I was thinking "wow, we've lasted much longer than I thought we would" when there was a fumble, chain reaction, and poof! Group wipe. Oofah, lava gravel in the nose.

I thought well, that was fun, and I learned a couple new things, I'm gonna go to bed now.

But of course, I had to go get my shard, and well, they were going to take another stab at it so I might as well... ~_^

We picked a fight again...and this time, got him down to 50% at which point, thanks to heals from his buddies, he stayed seemingly indefinitely before we could start tearing down his pals one at a time. They'd heal themselves for large amounts every few seconds, so I stopped watching their health bars for a bit and just kept my focus on the MT...but then one fell (and I woke up a bit more).... and then....another....and another.... and then....the last one (wide awake!)...

As per the usual, because I am *so* good at gawp mouthed astonishment, I stared in wonder - not daring to get my hopes up (and thereby get distracted from what I was doing, I might add) - as Fist's health dropped...

Fifty Percent...

Thirty Six....


Holy Sh*t, Holy Might! We beat him!!

Oooo toys!! An item discovery on the shield to the left!

The win, has, of course, made us all higher than a troupe of stoned monkeys... Throughout the whole thing, no one faltered...not a harsh word, no micromanaging, no petty nonsense whatsoever. Fantastic teamwork right up to the end, plenty of joking, plenty of support... I'd hear people drop beside me, see them pop back up and go right back to work without breaking stride. It is nearly creepy how well all of us work together and it is in no small part due to the decision on each player's part to be a positive, supportive member of a team. That is awesome.

Congratulations Holy Might, on a job well done!!

Holy Might and their shiny new toys...and Iorn about to take someone's head off with his..




Roll The Bones (we're makin soup!)
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Written by Ninibi
Thursday, 08 September 2005

One Large Hammer
One Large Pot
Stove & Keg (/shakefist)
Bouquet Garni
Good booze
Biatch formerly known as Arch Lich Udalan.

Arch Lich soup!!

Step 1: Kill Lich!
Step 2:
Step 3:Haul carcass home, making sure to bounce the skull on as many rocks as possible.
Step 4: Wash carcass.
Step 5: Hammer on bones until nicely cracked all over.
Step 6: Chop veggies into large chunks, throw in pot with Bouquet Garni.
Step 7:Toss bones in pot with glee (and water).
Step 8: Bring to a simmer for 5 hours.
Step 9: strain stock, and use for soup base.

What happened somewhere around Step 8:

/time 1:30 A.M
You consume Good Booze..
Ninibi watches pot...
Ninibi giggles at the corpse of Arch Lich Udalan.
You consume Good Booze
You feel lighter
/time 2:00 A.M.
Ninibi giggles at a Stove & Keg,
Ninibi flips the corpse of Arch Lich Udalan the bird
Ninibi smiles warmly at the corpse of Arch Lich Udalan
Ninibi hiccups and informs the corpse of Arch Lich Udalan "Not so fancy now, are ya?"
You consume Good Booze
/time 2:30 A.M.
Ninibi looks tired.
You are overburdened!
Ninibi falls asleep next to a Stove & Keg.

Ok so I boiled the pot dry and not only ruined the soup but Flagdad's favorite stock pot.

On the other hand, I did get a couple screenies. :)

Arch Lich goin down!

By The Power of Greysk...oh wrong toons...



Some pants, some pants, my kingdom for some pants
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Written by Alemi
Saturday, 10 September 2005

A story about a big oaf named Tebren. There once was a Barbarian named Tebren, who came from a alternate world that sounds ridiculously like the sound my cat makes when coughing up a hairball. He came to the our land of Norrath with but one wish... white pants. Being a fashion conscious guardian, he had a white helmet, white chestpiece, white forearms, and white boots. He just wanted to match.

Holy Might was pleased with his arrival and quickly presented him with a glorious ring. Tebren was pleased. He came to the wise leader of Holy Might, Ghagha, and asked again, "I love the ring, but what about those pants?" The troll gazed upon the barbarian and said, "In time, dear Tebren. In time."

Soon, some white shoulderpads were discovered and quickly they were thrust upon Tebren. Much rejoicing ensued, but Tebren, while pleased, did not feel fully satisfied. He went to the incredibly smart Flagdad and said, "Oh, dear Shiny Blue Butt, what about those pants?" Flagdad patted Tebren on the head and said, "In time, dear Tebren. In time."

After vanishing many more foes, a necklace, a belt, 2 bracelets, and finally an earring were given to the stout fellow. Tebren, while still pleased, still longed for his original goal. He went to the wise Alemi and said, "While all this jewelry is nice, but, I do not feel whole. What about those pants?" Alemi, in her grumbly Inquisitor manner said, "In time, young man. In time."

Word began spreading about a new land that had been found and the guild Holy Might was anxious to explore this land. The ship "Digital Download" was on the way. Tebren grew anxious, but did not press. The raid leader Alemi had just announced that no unnecessary dangerous field trips were to be taken. Tebren thought, "Well, I have all this great stuff. I've got great friends. We have much fun. I should be happy."

Then, an annoucement was made, "The Nightblood K'dal is holding some Dorfs hostage. Holy Might will help the dorfs and vanquish this foe." They gathered and then went to Lavastorm to find this new foe. After a quick detour to resurrect a fallen high elf ally, who after little sleep and a little booze wandered near some nasties, they entered the Nightblood's realm. K'dal suprised this ragtag group and survived the initial attack.

Holy Might was not afraid, they regrouped and sent the nightblood back to where he came. The reward, a nice big metal chest. When it was opened, white pants appeared. After wiping a tear from his eye he doned his pants. Now, he no longers looks like this outwards "Oreo" that Ninibi makes.

Holy Might was very pleased, and ended their night, very happy.

P.S. Thank god those pants are white. I know a certain troll who's eager to hump them.



Don't...take the crapet.
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Written by Ninibi
Friday, 30 September 2005

When you're a measly level 56 Djinn no one will leave alone, your best bet for survival is to hire two really scary bodyguards.

I'm sure all of us have had a moment of standing around the white hovering carpet somewhere in Desert of Flames, wishing we could get back to the docks (oh please god, the spiders out here are.. /shudder). We'd all heard about that Quested Carpet in DoF, and so, like good adventurers, ran to look it up and do the quest.

Quest 1: Kill the Rujarkian Highwayman.

I'm looking vulnerable... I have flashy jewelry... I'm just a little healer... I have 5hp and can't even kick a puppy without taking 300 damage.... rob me! rob me!

/look around
Where the heck is this guy?

I forgot t5 jewels are so yesterday in DoF. We were forced to kill everything and anything in sight until he finally put down his Cardemom Snacky cakes, got his rump off the cushions and came out to see what the fuss was about.

Whereupon he was promptly slaughtered.

Hey, if there's one lesson any creature in Everquest II should learn early on, it's that curiosity usually leads to a pack of hungry adventurers who will kill you and steal your goodies.

Quest 2: Kill obscure stuff (and hope you're killing the right obscure stuff).

Reads like (yet another) bad recipe:

10 big ugly furry spiders.
1 big ugly giant
One wisp of air from on top of a dune (and if you're lucky, a tornado ride!)
Dustwhip Scorpians to taste.
Angel dus..."Ethereal Fragment from Anuk Sentinels"
Dye from the shores of the dead tear....exotic plant (can we smoke it?), yadda yadda.

Shake to blend, serve fresh over ice with a squeeze of lemon. Garnish with a sprig of mint.

The exotic plant had ^^^ yellow ghosts bobbing around it like some sort of bad halloween joke ("wooooo" "ahhhhhhhhhh" "boomshaaaaakalaaaaaaakkk......"). It ended up being the most eventful part of the quest. We invised, he harvested,they agged, we ran, I galloped through a herd of gnolls in my haste to get the heck away, tank pulled them off me and died.

It does sort of take a little of the chivalry out of the gesture when the knight in shining armor gets peckish about dying to save you. I'm just saying.

I gave him a feather, disbanded, ran in and got my leaves.

I'm thinking he probably didn't want to click the "yes" box when I reinvited him to group. You know that feeling....the little window pops up and you're a deer in the headlights, thinking "I...don't...want to go...there...bad..." right before you leap into them and get splattered.

Quest 3: Can you give this note to my friend?

Ok, we can do that...

Our tank went in, tapped the guy on the shoulder, and before he could say "Message for you, sir" the dude wiped him out in one hit.

Um, touchy much? I THINK SO.

Regroup, sneak up, clobber (ding!), stick note in dead guy's pocket, run like the dickens.

Quest 4: Kill Lieutenant Dan.

So it happened we stumbled across the way to get to the last guy almost by accident. Some lower level members of the group were spamming El'Carpet guy and someone clicked the carpet by his feet and got whisked off.

I'm standing there looking around, mildly wondering where everyone got to.

Soulstyce: "he just sent me off on a crapet"
Nini: "A crapet huh?"
Nini: "Damn crapet!
Soulstyce: "yeah, bad crapet!"

So I clicked the crapet and was whisked off.

Thejup was left standing there, clicking away at the carpet to no avail.

Ever hop on a rollarcoaster at an amusement park, and as soon as the cars start to move, you realize it was a really bad idea?

I had one of those moments.

I'm flying along, and suddenly I see healthbars in the group plummet.

I land to see "Vobobn, Fist of Ab'zheri hits Tank for 2097 points of crushing damage" (aka, bonked his head right into his neck)

"Vobobn , Fist of Ab'zheri has killed Tank"

Then, before I can blink (I didn't feel a thing):"Vobobn, Fist of Ab'zheri hits YOU for 4915 points crushing damage."

Nini: "ungghh"

So that went well. I basically just saw a flash of orange.

We ran back, got our shards, and called it a day on Mean Fourth Guy. Decided to put the quest on the shelf a while.

Well, unbeknownst to me, guildies went to work on him the one night, and after multliple deaths and dismemberments at the hands of Lt. Dan and crew they called it a day.

The next day, I was summoned to The Rock (as I now refer to it. There's also "The Pillar" but we'll talk about that another day.) to come help with fourth guy. Sure, I guess I can take a few deaths. I took the back way this time around, and skipped the crapet ride.

I show up... they've worked out...a plan...

Plan was: we pull, then die quickly. Just kidding. But that's what happened.

Lt. Dan is orange, but his two friends are red. Now, hey, how would you like it if I just brought a couple 62's along with me to every fight, hmm?

There was plotting and whispering and we shoved Ghagha out to go poke him ("You go first!"). With the help of a clever Coercer ("I mezz things. I'm not just a feedbot, you know.") and a few friends, they beat him down and won. /dance

Holy Might, swarming The Rock after the fight.

Muahaha, time to hire some better bodyguards, my friend. (I looted the remains of my arse back from Vobobn.)

And so, you'll see a few members of Holy Might cruising around (slowly) on their pretty blue carpets... not to be confused with crapets, which only take you to your death.

Congrats! :D